Coach & Minibus Hire Services In Witney

Each year, one million travelers get to experience the comfort of our coaches. Your next trip will be one to remember when you book it with CoachHire in Witney, the bus travel specialist based in London. We are able to provide you with the services and cars that you require, whether you require luxurious corporate travel for an important business meeting, private coach hiring for an event, high-quality transportation for a sports team, or a transfer to and from the airport. Each vehicle is rented out with a driver that is both skilled and experienced, and they are eagerly awaiting your arrival so that they can show you around.

Why should you book a coach from us?

We are distinguished in the industry as a coach company because we offer our customers a superior experience in every respect.

Internationally approved

We are one of the few coach companies to have been awarded this internationally recognised quality kite mark, and our services go through regular audits to make sure that we are still in compliance with the standards.

Putting one’s comfort first

Our coaches all come equipped with reclining seats that are comfortable and good on-board facilities as standard, and customers can choose from a variety of optional additions. For more information about our fleet, see our website.

Drivers with extensive training

Our bus drivers receive additional training on top of what is required by law, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. In addition, drivers are chosen for their ability to provide excellent customer service; therefore, they are always nice and courteous.

24/7 customer support

Our core beliefs guide the way we do business, and each member of our team acts as a genuine representative of our brand. Discover our guiding ideas and values, as well as the reasons why you should uphold them.
With Minibus Hire Finder, you can make your life experience one to remember
The City of Witney is an administrative and historical county in Witney, England. It is known as the home of the University of Witney. The town lay between the sources of the Thames (known in Witney as Isis) and Cherwell (just north of its confluence) and was known as Forge Point in Saxon times.

Opportunities For Evening

Witney also offers plenty of opportunities for evening outings. Its musical heritage (Pink Floyd and Radiohead once called it home) is undeniable, and there are plenty of live music venues where you can listen to the latest bands or old favorites. There are also many traditional pubs and restaurants to explore, inspiring countless cultural figures (CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, and many others) about the town’s long history. Witney is genuinely a city with old bones and a youthful soul.
By providing Minibus hire services in Witney, Minibus Hire Finder is here to assist you in experiencing all of these incredible locations and more. Our rental company is one of a kind for people’s comfort because we provide excellent customer service.

UK’s technology

With its roots in the UK’s technology and business communities, Witney is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a balanced amalgamation of the past, preservation of culture, and bright futures by progressing the science and business parks within the city limits. For nature lovers, the Cotswold Wildlife Park and the rolling hills of the Cotswolds are famous locations in the region. Witney has almost as many museums and landmarks as London, but spending an afternoon there is much more comfortable.

Our Fully Trained Technician

Our fully trained technicians purchase new vehicles and service them in-house at the Minibus Hire Finder. All ensure compliance with the highest requirements regarding safety and reliability. There are 25 to 72 passenger seats in our Minibus. The leather seats of the 72-passenger bus make it ideal for large groups.Besides providing all these facilities, also we provide educated and skillful drivers. All vehicles have all safety features, and every driver has passed the CRB test. Drivers will entertain all of your needs and will assist you in making your trip comfortable.

Coach hire in Witney

Our coach hire company will allow you to choose your coach according to your traveling needs. These are the few services we offer according to your needs .

Business travel:

We offer fully equipped luxury coaches for your business traveling. You may need to take your employees on business trips and meetings at a particular venue. Then you will need a reliable, exquisite, comfortable, and convenient coach to meet your business standards and needs. We have different sizes of coaches that are spacious from the inside, and fold-on tables will help discuss business terms and others. Experienced and trained drivers will take care of your corporate needs, and you can enjoy quality time with your colleagues.

Group travel:

Many people love to travel in groups except for traveling alone. Our company offers traveling coach hire service to many groups like businesses, friends, societies, clubs, and other groups. We have high-end coaches from 8 passengers to 16 passengers and 57-seater coaches. We always want to make your group journey memorable and enjoyable.
We offer group travel services for these groups inside and outside Witney.

School trips:

We offer coach hire services for schools, colleges, and other institutions’ trips and excursions. You can hire a coach for daily student transportation as well as trips. We provide coach hire services for institutions inside and outside Witney. We have fully organized luxury coaches with trained drivers. Our drivers know the best traveling spots in Witney and ensure your safety. Whether you want coach hire for regular transportation or school trips, our vehicle hiring services are the best.


From a general perspective, older coaches provide cheap hire services. Nevertheless, this is unverifiable as older vehicles do not conform to London’s environmental protection laws and cannot be on the road for long. Bus companies like ours use new cars that are very efficient so that we can pass on these cost savings to our customers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with CoachHire in Witney if you would like an offer.

Coach hire in Oxford is a member of CoachMarque, evaluated against a laborious set of criteria, and regularly audited for providing the highest coaching standards. CoachMarque is the only national, independently tested kite brand for bus rental companies. You will experience a CoachMarque certified provider, which gives you calmness and assurance of a trustworthy company.