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The City of Oxford is an administrative and historical county in Oxfordshire, England. It is known as the home of the University of Oxford. The town lay between the sources of the Thames (known in Oxford as Isis) and Cherwell (just north of its confluence) and was known as Forge Point in Saxon times.

Opportunities For Evening

Oxford also offers plenty of opportunities for evening outings. Its musical heritage (Pink Floyd and Radiohead once called it home) is undeniable, and there are plenty of live music venues where you can listen to the latest bands or old favorites. There are also many traditional pubs and restaurants to explore, inspiring countless cultural figures (CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, and many others) about the town’s long history. Oxford is genuinely a city with old bones and a youthful soul.
By providing Minibus hire services in Oxford, Minibus Hire Finder is here to assist you in experiencing all of these incredible locations and more. Our rental company is one of a kind for people’s comfort because we provide excellent customer service.

UK's technology

With its roots in the UK’s technology and business communities, Oxford is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a balanced amalgamation of the past, preservation of culture, and bright futures by progressing the science and business parks within the city limits. For nature lovers, the Cotswold Wildlife Park and the rolling hills of the Cotswolds are famous locations in the region. Oxford has almost as many museums and landmarks as London, but spending an afternoon there is much more comfortable.

Our Fully Trained Technician

Our fully trained technicians purchase new vehicles and service them in-house at the Minibus Hire Finder. All ensure compliance with the highest requirements regarding safety and reliability. There are 25 to 72 passenger seats in our Minibus. The leather seats of the 72-passenger bus make it ideal for large groups.Besides providing all these facilities, also we provide educated and skillful drivers. All vehicles have all safety features, and every driver has passed the CRB test. Drivers will entertain all of your needs and will assist you in making your trip comfortable.


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As a travel hub, Oxford is likewise home to various top mentor administrators. Hiring a Minibus in Oxford is almost always the best and easiest option for group travel. Trains are most unreliable, generally only accommodate small groups, and offer few discounts. A planned coach trip is much more adaptable because they provide you with pick & drop service. The plans will be according to your travel requirements. Minibus Hire Finder provides a Minibus hire service in Oxford. Long-distance travel in a coach is also the most relaxing and comfortable option, especially for larger groups. The coach is only for your group and can take advantage of amenities like Wi-Fi, bathroom facilities, and reclining seats.

Here are some captivations to induce you to Minibus hire in Oxford:

  • Oxford Story Thames and Cherwell horse racing is popular in summer
  • Christ Church Cathedral
  • St Mary the Virgin (College Church)
  • Martyrdom Persons –
  • Memorial
  • Ashmolean Museum
  • Pitt River Museum
  • Natural History
  • Museum
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