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Coach hire in Oxford is a member of CoachMarque, evaluated against a laborious set of criteria, and regularly audited for providing the highest coaching standards. CoachMarque is the only national, independently tested kite brand for bus rental companies. You will experience a CoachMarque certified provider, which gives you calmness and assurance of a trustworthy company.

From a general perspective, older coaches provide cheap hire services. Nevertheless, this is unverifiable as older vehicles do not conform to London's environmental protection laws and cannot be on the road for long. Bus companies like ours use new cars that are very efficient so that we can pass on these cost savings to our customers. Don't hesitate to get in touch with CoachHire in Oxford if you would like an offer.

No, coaches can only carry the number of people with a license. A 25-seater is a 25-seater, a 53-seater is a 53-seater, and so on.

No coach can be designed fault-proof, but choosing a company that owns a more modern coach is your best choice. New coaches have less chance of a breakdown than older ones, and using a CoachMarque-certified company gives you the impression that your coach is unique and well-cared. Our company provides 24/7 customer services and is more reliable.

Several factors may determine. If you believe your hire times may vary, you should always contact the company as soon as possible for advice. Coach drivers are subject to stringent driving hours laws, and while most companies have some 'loose' time in their schedules, asking a coach driver to 'wait' indefinitely, as a taxi driver, is rarely possible.

Some companies will allow it, while others will not. Traveling to specific events, such as a football game, is illegal. Let us know what you require, and we will do our best to make it a reality.

It differs from one company to the next. Coach hire in Oxford includes up to £15 per day in incidental parking in the hire fee. Some attractions, such as Birmingham's NEC and Wembley Stadium, charge more than £50 for a few hours of parking. It will always be an extra cost.

If you are late, we will give our best to accommodate the necessary changes on the day. Please inform us of any probable delays or extensions to your service. We will advise you whether this is possible or if any additional charges apply.

Passenger Transport Vehicle (PCV) drivers are subject to stringent travel time laws designed to protect passengers and improve road safety. Typically, the offers you receive will include the provision of a driver's break or a second driver as required.

        The amount of luggage you can bring depends on the bus size. Generally, 16-seat carriages can carry up to 11 people with suitcases and hand luggage, and 25-seat carriages can carry up to 21 people. Our large coaches have more storage space, and on a 53-seater coach, he can carry 53 people plus standard luggage.

Of course, please let us know if you are traveling with children. Where your child sits is up to you. You can sit in a seat on the bus, bring your child's chair or have them sit on your lap, but for insurance reasons, this must include in the passenger total.

Child seats are not available for insurance reasons. You are free for your resource if you wish. Unlike car seats, please note that bus seats use 3-point seat belts to secure child seats.

        Of course, they all differ in style and size. To discuss accessibility coaching, please call.

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